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Today’s marketplace is more competitive than it’s ever been. So our marketing efforts need to be better than they’ve ever been.

The customer is king in a way that’s never been truer in the history of consumerism. And smart companies realize this. They realize this through targeted marketing and high levels of customer service.

In his book, "Category of One: How Extraordinary Companies Transcend Commodity and Defy Comparison,” author Joe Calloway writes about marketing in a way that really focuses on the customer service aspect. And the two are definitely tied together. The greatest marketing in the world will not help your business survive if you don’t have repeat business and referral business. And you won’t get either of those if you don’t pay attention to customer service.


In Calloway’s book, he talks a lot about branding and points out is that your brand actually exists in the minds of your customers. And each customer will have a different perception of your brand. In fact, you actually have as many brands as you have customers and potential customers. That’s right. People who haven’t even bought from you, but know about you, have a perception of you.

So as business owners we want to work very hard to assure that that perception is a positive one.

This is because in today's competitive business climate, consumers you not only to other companies in your industry, but to every other company out there. So, business owners must not only stand out from direct competitors, but now they must also stay at the forefront of what everyone in business is doing. For example, if Visa gives you a opportunity to pick your due date for your bill, you’re going to start to wonder why every other company can’t do that. If one company can deliver a pizza in 30 minutes, why can’t loan approvals be offered in 30 minutes? You get the idea.


So what this means is that if you’re looking for a way to stand out, think about looking beyond your industry. Don’t make the mistake that one company did recently on the phone. They defended their inability to deliver on a customer request with the following excuse: "Our service is standard in our industry." What they're saying is that not only do they not stand out from the competition, they have no plans to institute exceptional service in the future. They're content to merely remain "standard." What remains to be seen is how long their customers are going to give them the opportunity to be in business.

So remember customer service is important. The cost of acquiring new customers, according to many surveys, runs 8 to 10 times more than the cost of keeping existing ones.
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