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Compelling Copy Tantalizes Your Audience

is the use of words to promote a business or idea.

The purpose of marketing copy or promotional text is to persuade the reader or viewer to act. Perhaps to buy a product or service. Or to ascribe to a certain point of view in the case of ideas. Copywriting is the art of getting the message across.

Copywriting appears as a headline in an ad, a radio jingle, a webpage or what a pitchman says in a TV commercial. You also see copy on billboards, magazine pages, brochures, business cards, press releases, catalogs, postcards and a variety of other media.

One word away

Good copy is often one word away from great copy. Think in terms of active verbs, provocative adverbs and irresistible adjectives. Use words to paint a picture, tell a story, tug at heartstrings, sell an outcome.

Good promotional copy needs to accomplish several things at once.

Appeal to your target audience.
Grab their attention
Distinguish you from your competition.
Provide a call to action.

Let's take these one at a time

Appeal to your target audience

If you were trying to appeal to Moms interested in what activities you provide for their children over the summer, your copy is going to be written in a much different style than if you’re trying to convince teenagers to shop at your online store. Think about your audience and what’s the best way to communicate with them.

Grab Their Attention

People are busy. They don’t have time to waste. But they often fall into automatic patterns. Think about your own experience. Have you ever set out to a particular store that’s on the same street as your office? And instead of going to the store, you wind up at your office? It’s because we sometimes go about our routines in a kind of sleepwalk.

Good copy should jolt people out of their reverie. It should be provocative and make them think. It could even be a little confusing if it gets their attention.

Distinguish You From Your Competition

Once you have their attention, what are you going to do with it? Your copy should explain to your customers why their should buy from you and not your competitor. It should make your case for why you’re a better buy.

Provide a Call To Action

Once you’ve convinced them of the wisdom of selecting your business, it’s time to get them to act. Give them a reason to get off the couch and take action. It could be as simple as the fact that you’re having a one-day sale.

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